Architecting and catalyzing an extraordinary future

Good mentors guide.
Great mentors empower.

As an organization built by founders, for founders, we know what you need and, more importantly, what you don’t need. We built our platform to help you. No backseat driving or MBA speak needed.

Rallyday Partners is here to guide you on a journey of transformation

Let's Rally

This is our secret sauce and your game changer

Conscientious Capital

Our four forms of capital are the nourishing ingredients a business needs in order to grow and flourish to its utmost potential.

Financial Capital

Multi-stage growth capital that can scale with a company and protect founder equity.

We have flexibility to invest based on the needs of the seller(s) and the corporate growth strategy.

Experiential Capital

Rallyday principals have all founded, built, scaled, and sold companies.

We have "texture," aka the learnings, scars, and resilience that comes from experience.

We will help you unlock embedded upside while mitigating the inherent risks of lower-middle market companies.

Human Capital

We invest in human-powered businesses and have built toolkits and resources to help you scale your culture.

We back monster leaders who are talented, lifelong learners, obsessive visionaries, audacious, and aggressively humble.

Creative Capital

We inspire individuals, teams, and companies to think bigger and promote enduring audacity to build the best version of the business.

Coaches with Character

Founders you want in your corner!

We are here to make the word “partner” a promise by helping leaders move at the speed of trust.

We are your first call on the best day
and the first call on your worst day.

Mark Hopkins

Managing Partner

“Every company we work with is tackling issues related to scale.

We’re engaging with really good companies – they have a sense of purpose, good cultures, all the ingredients of a good company…

But taking a small company and turning it into a large company that still has all of those good things is really hard.”

Nancy Phillips

Managing Partner

“We give CEOs and their teams fundamental building blocks and do it with respect, humor, camaraderie…

Serious work with lightness required to form trusted relationships.”

Ryan Heckman

Managing Partner

“How many dreams are out there that can make the world a better place that are just sitting there – waiting to be catalyzed?

That’s my dream: to unlock the power of those dreams…make the audacious dream of the founder a reality.”


Establish common language and understanding

Applicable across industries, companies, cultures, personalities, stages of growth—provides a common language for driving value creation.


Align the people and the business

Enhances culture, people, strategy, process and structure as an integrated system that works in concert to deliver elite performance.


Build the best version of the business

Designed to bring out the best version of each member of the team and company while inspiring audacity throughout the organization.


Grow the people

Inspiring leadership training that drives well-being and performance for all employees, not just the C-suite.


Accelerate to transformation

Simplified execution that is fulfilling to experience and transformational to the business.

Codified Curriculum

Our Rallyday Accelerator Program™ is built upon five characteristics and captures our collective building experience.

Does this resonate?
If so...

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Are you a leader of a North American company with at least $10M in revenue?

Do you have a rally mindset with a vision to change your industry?

Does your company have some secret sauce that just needs a catalyst to unlock?

Are you interested in a longer-term investor that will give you the capital to grow and the system to build a healthy, thriving business?

Do you have ideas that just need a system and capital to turn into reality?

Blueprint a vision,
execute a strategy,
mint a legacy.

In designing RAP, we drew upon the role of the architect in building organizations that are structurally sound, durable and awe-inspiring – where creativity and engineering combine to build a blueprint that catalyzes an extraordinary future
for you and your company.

Are you aggressively humble,
always seeking a better way?

Let's Rally